The Battle of Nashville was a two-day battle in the Franklin-Nashville Campaign that represented the end of large-scale fighting in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. It was fought at Nashville, Tennessee, on December 15–16, 1864, between the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood and Federal forces under Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas. In one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army during the war, Thomas attacked and routed Hood’s army, largely destroying it as an effective fighting force. – wikipedia


Fort Donelson 3D

29th Jun 2016

3D Panorama Tour of Fort Donelson:  Located in Dover, Tennessee on the Cumberland River, this inter-active virtual tour includes pop-up information with historical interpretive markers (there is a zoom option for...


Mill Springs

09th Jun 2016

Mill Springs Virtual Tour The Battle of Mill Springs Kentucky was one of the first victories of the Union in the Western American Civil War. It was commanded by the Virginian /...


Kennesaw Mountain

09th Jun 2016

Kennesaw Mountain Virtual Tour The battle of Kennesaw Mountain was one of the last successful maneuvers of the Confederate Army of Tennessee in the Atlanta Champaign. This virtual tour, includes the Kennesaw...



07th Jun 2016

Andersonville Virtual Tour American Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War Camp in Andersonville, Georgia 13,000 Union Soldiers died in this facility. Over 50,000 POW’s passed through it. However, Union POW...


Memorial Day Tour

29th May 2016

Memorial Day Tour at Nashville National Cemetery: Saturday May the 29th, Boy Scouts from the Nashville area planted thousands of flags at the Nashville National Cemetery to honor our fallen soldiers and...


Belmont Virtual Tour

21st May 2016

Belmont Mansion and University Virtual Tour:  “Despite a two-week occupation by Union General Thomas J. Wood prior to the Battle of Nashville, Belmont Mansion and its contents went undamaged during the Civil War....


Nashville Virtual Tour

20th May 2016

Battle of Nashville Virtual Tour From Kelley’s Point, to Granbury’s Lunette, the Nashville American Civil War battlefield is one of the largest. It’s over nine miles as the crow flies. This...


Fort Negley 360

19th May 2016

Fort Negley Panorama Virtual Tour American Civil War Fort in Nashville, Tennessee. Restored in 2004, Fort Negley Park provides a great view of downtown Nashville and has an impressive visitor center...


Fort Granger Tour

18th May 2016

Fort Granger Virtual Tour Battle of Franklin tour of Fort Granger. Links to Carter House, Carnton, Cotton Gin and Nashville tours. Note: the full screen button is in the lower left...


Carter House Virtual Tour

17th May 2016

Carter House Panorama Virtual Tour Take a virtual tour of the historic American Civil War sites in Franklin, Tennessee. Shot on location at The Carter House, Lotz House, Collins Farm, Loring’s Advance,...


Cotton Gin 3D

15th May 2016

Carter Cotton Gin Panorama:  A virtual tour of the Carter Cotton Gin site and the Patrick Cleburne Monument from the American Civil War Battle of Franklin. The tour also includes the new...


Carnton Panorama

14th May 2016

Civil War Plantation in 3D Panorama:  This home was used as a field hospital during the epic Battle of Franklin. Tour the grounds in a 360° view from several perspectives. The site...


Missionary Ridge

13th May 2016

Missionary Ridge in 3D Panorama The Battle of Missionary Ridge was fought November 25, 1863, as part of the Chattanooga Campaign of the American Civil War. Following the Union victory...


Fort Johnson

12th May 2016

Fort Johnson in 360° Panorama Fort Johnson (1863-1865) – A U.S. Civil War Fort established in 1863 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Tennessee State capital building was re-named Fort Johnson after...


Shy’s Hill Pano

12th May 2016

Shy’s Hill interactive 360° panorama tour Battle of Nashville: Day 2 At about 3:30 p.m. he sent a message to Thomas and XVI Corps commander Gen. Andrew Smith that unless...