About Bob Henderson

I am a Certified Trusted Google Street View and Business View photographer. I shoot and produce 360º Virtual Tours in a variety of formats. Former Metro Historical Commission member. Native Nashvillian, served as an officer in the US Navy and Tennessee Air National Guard. I am a direct descendent of Captain Walter Scott Bearden, 41st Tennessee CSA , Private James Jarvis Maxwell, 4th Tennessee Cavalry USA, John Bond Henderson, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry CSA, John D. Kerr, McKenzie's 5th Cavalry, CSA | Great Uncle x2 Lt. David Phillips 7th Tennessee CSA, and Great Cousin x2 Major Shelah Waters 4th Tennessee Cavalry USA, Great Uncle x2 2nd Lt. George Malone, 19th TN CSA (KIA Kennesaw Mountain) Follow Bob on LinkedIn | Facebook


  1. Clay Bailey says

    Thank you Bob for all that you have done and are doing, and for urging others to also stand up and do their part. Inaction is a cancer to representative government. I enjoyed speaking with you the other day and appreciate your efforts past and present.

    • Bob Henderson says

      Thank you Clay. It was encouraging to meet you, and so many others that share my passion for this special historical shrine. In the words of one of my great uncles from that horrible war:

      nil de·spe·ran·dum
      ˌnil ˌdespəˈrändəm/Submit exclamation
      do not despair; never despair

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